7 October 2009

Everyone's a winner!

Even Alan Bennett, born and brought up for a short while in Armley. Imagine one day being immortalised in cake by John Ford! What more could you ask for?

We had a superb sunny day, and lots of rather wonderful cakes! Including Katie from influential food blog Leeds Grub. Thank goodness she was able to change her work shift over, as not only did she enter a cake into the Cookie Cake Pie category (it was a deserving runner up to the White Chocolate and Ginger baked Cheese cake by Sarah Howells of Armley) She also entered a huge oversized crunchie bar into the Pimp my cake. And won! (there really was no contest!)

The judges laboured long and hard, poor dears over the delicious and strange cakes entered. Luckily they did not have to decide the overall winner as our 'Golden Conker' discoverer Douglas Tiffany, got to pick! Being only four years he choose four year old Chloe Stansfield's cupcakes, earning her a hamper, a cook book and a goodie bag!